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Fly Fishing Outfits & Combos

Anglers can save significant money by purchasing their fly rod in a combination package that includes not just the rod, but also the fly reel, the fly line, backing and either a rod tube or rod sock. These packages are interchangeably called "fly fishing combos" or "fly rod outfits." Once upon a time, most fly fishing combos contained gear that was, to put it politely, not of the "best quality." In the bad old days, the fly rods that were part of the fly fishing combo were generally made of fiberglass, contained terrible fly line, and a fly reel that was likely to fall apart the minute an angler tagged into a big fish. But times have changed. Today, outside of the combos sold at the big box stores, most fly fishing combos now contain a quality rod, reel and line. While "junky" combos still exist, some of which work ok for kids to chase panfish at the local pond, anglers now have an excellent selection of combos and fly fishing outfits to choose from. Of course, with that large selection of fly fishing combos to choose from, another problem presents itself. That problem is....what to get? And, just as importantly, making sure that buyers remorse doesn't set in a season after buying the combo package.