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Fly Fishing Reels

Fly reels are one of the most important pieces on an angler’s fly rod setup. The reel keeps fish from pulling all the line off the rod, and it also keeps the rod balanced. So, as you can imagine, picking out the best fly reel for you can be tricky. There are a handful of important factors to consider when looking at fly reels. For one, the size of a fly reel should correspond with its rod. So if you have a 7-weight fly rod, you should use a 7-weight reel. On top of weight ratings, you’ll find that drag is another important thing to consider when picking out a fly reel. Another factor to consider is a reel’s arbor. At the center of every reel is a cylinder around which the line is wound. Many fly rods today have an extra large arbor, which allows for a smoother and faster line retrieval. This can be especially helpful for those seeking saltwater fish. And even if you aren’t looking for large arbor fly rods, we offer standard and mid arbor fly rods too, at a reasonable price. is the marketplace for outdoor enthusiasts to rent, buy and sell used, vintage, and new outdoor gear online. Welcome to the ultimate outdoor gear and adventure website.