How It Works

Thousands of outdoor enthusiasts want to buy your gear.

ReelTrail is a vibrant worldwide marketplace. There's no equal.

You want millions of people all over the world to see what you're selling or renting out? You're in the right place.

And, by the way, we have an entire team dedicated to protect you and every item you sell. This makes ReelTrail a safe and secure place to sell your stuff.

Whether it’s your first time selling online or you’re a pro, here is how to list on ReelTrail:

1. Download the free ReelTrail app in the App Store or Google Play Store. Click LIST in the navigation footer. On, click LIST in the top right corner of the website.

2. Snap or upload up to 16 pictures of your gear you want to list (the more pictures, the faster the chances your gear sells). Follow the steps. Add the required details, and fill in the optional details to give buyers more detail. You can list as many products as you want, with zero Listing fees and zero monthly payments.

3. Choose how you want to be paid when your gear sells:

• Direct deposit into your bank account, or 

• your debit card

(You can change your payment method at any time)

4. Once your gear sells, package your item and print discounted shipping labels directly in your Profile (via the mobile app or website).

• On, go to your Profile in the top right corner, click the Sold tab. Click the Printer icon, and fill out the shipping details.

• On the ReelTrail app, click Sold in your Profile, swipe left for Shipping details and fill in the required shipping details.

• Once you have bought for your shipping label, print it, and tape it on to your box!

5. Your earnings are dispersed to your choice of funding.

Below is a clear and simple break down of our fees with some comparisons:

Example of an item selling for $1,000

  • Item selling for


  • Listing Fee
  • Payment Processing Fee
  • Fee Once Item Sells
  • Total Fees
  • Total Profit
  • 7.5%

  • $0.00
  • $29.25
  • $75.00
  • $104.25
  • $895.75
  • (15%)

  • $ 49.99 / year
  • $29.30
  • $150.00
  • $180.29
  • $819.71
  • (12%)

  • $0.30 per item
  • $29.30
  • $120.00
  • $149.60
  • $850.40

We do not charge hidden fees.

You can list as many items as you want.

Simplicity & Fairness

  • ReelTrail Protection
  • List Unlimited Items
  • Get paid via your Venmo, or bank account
  • Print Shipping Labels
  • Email Marketing
  • Optional Listing Fees to Make Your Item Stand Out
  • Easy Price Negotiating
  • First-class Customer Support

Adventure Trips - Listing Fees

• To promote/advertise an Adventure Trip, Guide, Lesson, etc. with ReelTrail, it is free to list. Only pay 7.5% when someone books a trip with you. There are no subscription choices or hidden fees.

• Our Listing Options are available to use for Adventure Trips as well, and the prices are the same.

• Our processing fee will NOT be included in the total!

Listing Options, to help your item stand out!

Our Listing Options consist of priority placements and attention-getting features that help to get more buyers to look at and hopefully buy on your item. When a seller elects to use Listing Options, the seller incurs a small fee at the time of listing. Listing options are non-refundable. As Gear-listings do not expire on ReelTrail, any listings options that have been paid for (even if you decide to add some later) will stay in use with that particular listing. Adventure-listings do expire, and listing options can be purchased for each listing.

Showcase Listings ($3.00 per listing)

Showcase Listings are the most powerful marketing tool our sellers can use. Showcase items are randomly displayed on our Home Page. Our Home Page is the most-visited page on Consequently, Showcase items will be seen by the largest audience of any of our Listing Options. If your item does not sell, you can relist it without paying this fee again.

Highlight ($2.00 per listing)

Make your listing stand out from others in the category listings for a small fee. This option highlights your listing in yellow to make it stand out from other listings.

Boldface Title ($1.00 per listing)

Consider using boldface text to make your item's title stand out from the others in the category listings for a small fee.

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